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Bowl & Bone Republic beds have been designed to provide maximum comfort for your pet. They were created for dogs who love the comfort and like to have their unique place in the house.

The Dreamy bed is ideal for dogs who love to hide in bedding, creating tunnels and nooks and crannies. An extremely soft sleeping bag will become a perfect hideout for your pet. The interior of DREAMY bedding is covered with a soft to the touch material.

The bed is extremely light and handy. Easy to assemble ideally suited to travel. In addition, it is equipped with an elegant handle that makes it easy to carry.

The bed is made of the highest quality materials, very easy to clean. They can be washed by hand or in an automatic washing machine in a delicate cycle at temperatures up to 30° C.

Bed length and width

  • S: 

    lenght: 50cm; width: 50cm;

  • M: 

    lenght: 70cm; width: 70cm;

  • L: 

    lenght: 85cm; width: 85cm;

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