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Producer: Tre Ponti
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Tre Ponti is an excellent example of Italian style and quality. Shape of harness provides maximum comfort for your pet. Harness are made of durable waterproof and anti-allergic material. In addition, the harness is finished with reflective tape to increase the dog's safety during walks.

The buckle clasp and handle (made of stainless steel) to attach to the leash is located on the back of the animal. Very easy to put on and extremely light.

They do not cut or pull out the fur. Harnesses are safe for the dog because they do not compress the throat and do not cause any damage to the larynx or spine. They exactly cover the body of the animal making it easier to lead it on a leash.

These harnesses will meet the expectations of even the most demanding dogs. .

Tre Ponti Size

  • 1: 

    girth 32 - 45 cm

  • 1.5: 

    girth 33 - 47 cm

  • 2: 

    girth 40 - 56 cm

  • 2.5: 

    girth 43 - 58 cm

  • 3: 

    girth 50 - 67 cm

  • 3,5: 

    girth 54 - 69 cm

  • 4: 

    girth 61 - 77 cm

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