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Producer: Tre Ponti
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H arness PRIMO Tre Ponti are designed especially for medium and large dogs.  It is a guarantee of Italian style and quality. Unique shape of harness ensure maximum comfort for your pet. Harnesses are extremely safe for the dog because they do not compress the throat and do not cause damage to the larynx or spine. They exactly cover the body of the animal making it easier to lead it on a leash.

Harness are made of durable waterproof and anti-allergic material. In addition, the harness is trimmed with reflective tape to increase the dog's safety during walks.

A buckle clasp (secured against unfastening) and a handle (made of stainless steel) to attach to the leash is located on the dog's back. On the back there is also a handle to guide the dog (very convenient for large breed dogs).


  • S: 

    obwód 60 - 75 cm (Buldog Francuski)

  • M: 

    obwód 76 - 95 cm (Buldog Angielski, Labrador)

  • L: 

    obwód 80 - 105 cm (Owczarek Niemiecki, Husky)

  • XL: 

    obwód: 90 - 120 cm (Dog Niemiecki, Nowofundland)

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