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Designing our products Chloe’s Home for dogs  we knew, that our Clients are looking for elegant combination, classic design and be user friendly. MONTE CARLO beds is connecting this features in one product. Modern and always fashionable stripes are a clue of good taste. Good quality cotton look like great for long time and do not wrinkle. Inside bed is made by the softness blanket that your dog and cat will love Because of it they would like to spend spare time and sleep in it. Our luxury dog beds are lovingly handmade in the heart of Europe.

Heptagon MONTE CARLO has a lot space to sleep in and from the second side because of seven sides, your animal could lie his face. Softness of our beds are guaranted by eco-friendly, highest quality and certificated artificial down. Because of them, it perfectly fit into dogs and cats bodies. Your animal will relax and have a peaceful sleep there so he will come back there with a pleasure.

MONTE CARLO bed has removable pillow. You can wash bed in the washing mashine in a gentle cycle in a temperaturę up to 30 degrees. After washing bed, remember to dry it completely in flat position if it’s possible. To stay is in the best condition for a long years, please do not use bleach, do not dry in automatic dryer.

We are measure size of the bed underneath.

In MONTE CARLO collection you have 3 colors to choose from: black and white, grey and white and pink and white.

You could buy also box for toys from this collection in the same color and kennel/dog house in pink or black stripes.

Bed length and width

  • S: 

    49cm x 21cm

  • M: 

    65cm x 24cm

  • L: 

    80cm x 26cm

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