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Producer: Chloe's Home

Beautiful, practical and durable – this what we could write about our steps for dogs and cats PARIS. Chloe’s Home made special stairs for cats and dogs who because of their small size or sickness shouldn’t jump to bed, sofas or armchairs.

Stairs PARIS are made from very strong materials, that do not resist as much water, dust and dirt as typical materials.

There is a zip inside the case so that it’s easy to take it off and wash.

Emboidery with the Chloe’s Home logo with crown makes it looks even more elegant and beautiful materials cause that stairs will be beautiful accessries in your flat.

We are using hight quality special sponge and because of i tour stairs are well balance – you don’t have to be afraid that your dog or cat will fall from them. What is more sponge has relevant hardness even for middle animals, it is so delicate that will not harm their joins and it’s easy to move because of it’s light weight. Stairs PARIS are available in ecru.

Size: 36cm hight, 36cm weight, 45cm long.

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