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The dog chimney scarf JOY in a beautiful shade of ecru with the leather band addition creates an incredibly aesthetic and designer combination. The colours carefully selected by Bowl&Bone Republic designers make a great impression during even a short walk.

The JOY turtleneck scarf in the shade of red is made of extremely pleasant to the touch material. The wrapped neck will not only warm your pet but also give it a fashionable look and unique charm.

The delicate weave of the JOY chimney makes it easier to put on, and its softness protects the pooches against abrasions.

Thanks to JOY dog chimneys in ecru, your pet will love walking in cool weather even more. He will not feel so much temperature changes after leaving a warm apartment and will be able to indulge in happy madness in the fresh air.

Dogs of such breeds as shih tzu, Maltese, Yorkshire terrier, bulldog, cocker spaniel, springer spaniel, pomeranian, whippet, dachshund or chihuahua will become die-hard fans of scarves in the form of a comfortable chimney.


  • XXS: 

    obwód 32 cm, wysokość 6,5 cm

  • XS: 

    obwód 38 cm, wysokość 7,5 cm

  • S: 

    obwód 44 cm, wysokość 8,5 cm

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