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The Donut bed is an extremely soft and cozy that your pet will love from the first moment. Made of fabric of natural linen, its natural look is beautifully presented in bright Scandinavian or boho style interiors. The high sides and round shape make this bed ideal for dogs who love to curl up in a cozy, protected place. The filling is made of the highest quality silicone ball, which means that the bed does not deform despite being used. The bed has a removable pillow that has a sewn-in zipper, which makes it easy to wash.

It is recommended to shake the bed regularly to maintain its shape. The upholstery fabric from which the bed is sewn is resistant to dirt and moisture. If necessary, the entire bed can be washed by hand or in the washing machine in a delicate program. The inner pillow can be removed to facilitate washing.


  • XS: 

    60×20 cm (e.g. chihuahua, pomeranian, yorkshire)

  • S: 

    70×20 cm (e.g. french buldogs, pugs, cavalier)

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