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Practical and universal Norwegian harness with original pattern are suitable for both small breeds such as York and Maltese, as well as for large breed dogs such as Husky or German dog.

The harness has adjustable circumference so you can easily adapt it to the dimensions of your dog. Comfort is provided by a soft undercoat and anatomical shape, while safety features reflective elements.

To increase the quality of the harness and your comfort, the buckle is made of frost-resistant material.


  • XS: 

    A- max 35cm B - 30-50cm

  • S: 

    A - max 39cm B - 50-62cm

  • M: 

    A - max 43cm B - 60-77cm

  • L: 

    A - max 46cm B - 68-88cm

  • XL: 

    A - max 54cm B - 76-100cm

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