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Is your dog or cat i sold or has problem with joints ache? Or you care about your puppy and want to him to have healthy place to sleep? We have made special bed for them. Therapeutic mat PORTO is filled by the best quality sponge. Memory foam is the best and most expencieve sponge in the market because of it’s special propertis. It consists mainly of polyurethane increasing its density and viscosity. The foam bubbles, it’s ‘cells’ are elastic, effectively creating a matrix through which air can move. It is able to recover its shape over certain period of time. It will soften when your dog or cat will lie on it, but will return to its original shape when he will gets up.

Memory foam was originally invented by NASA as material that would have been used for the comfort and safety of astronauts during launch. And now you could give the same comfort for your beloved animals. Lying in that mat will not harm your puppy anymore.

Therapeutic mat is made by very practical material from outside. It is protected by special membrane that resist less dirt than avarage material. So you won’t have to wash it so often and on the other hand material is soft. Pillow has hidden zip so that you could easily take it off and wash when it will be needed.


  • S: 

    70cm x 50cm x 4cm

  • M: 

    100cm x 80cm x 4,5cm

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