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Order fulfillment: 24 hours
Producer: Milk&Pepper
  • Coats for small and medium dogs (Chihuahua, Jack Russel, Boston terrier...)
  • Red nylon jacket
  • Grey interlock lining
  • Collar bordered in imitation camel leather
  • Flag braid (Navy /White/Red) inside the collar
  • Badge in imitation camel leather
  • Zipper feature on the back allows any leash to easily clip through the jacket to the harness or collar ring 
  • Closing under the stomach by a double row of titanium snaps engraved "M&P"
  • Fabric is water-resistant

Milk &Pepper Size

  • T32: 

    neck girth: 32 cm; girth: 32-36 cm; lenght: 32 cm

  • T35: 

    neck girth: 29-34 cm; girth: 36-40 cm; lenght: 35 cm

  • T38: 

    neck girth: 32-37 cm; girth: 40-45 cm; lenght: 38 cm

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